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New 4.25" Length
and Bonus Sleeve

The PLEG 2+ features an updated modern 4.25" length. It also comes packaged with an extra replacement sleeve at no extra cost. Same great plastic peg, just more of it!

Easy Installation

We've also increased clearance to accommodate all socket sizes for ease of installation and removal.

3/8" or 14mm

PLEG 2+ are available for 3/8" or 14mm axles. Replacement sleeves can also be purchased separately.

Technical Specifications

Sleeve Material: Proprietary Plastic Blend
Sleeve Length: 100mm / 4.25"
Sleeve Diameter: 39mm / 1.5" ("Normal" Steel peg diameter)
Core Configuration: 14mm or 3/8"
Core Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Weight: 3.6oz / 102g

Not compatible with regular Pleg 2 cores.
Use Pleg 2 Replacement Sleeves.
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$ 19.99