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"Grow Up" ‑ Full Length DVD

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Sunday’s new full-length video GROW UP is available now. Starring Mark Burnett, Chris Childs, Erik Elstran, Aaron Ross, Jake Seeley, Brett Silva, Gary Young, Julian Arteaga, Jared Duncan, and Alec Siemon, these guys gave this thing their all for two years, and every one of them came through with a killer part. Grow Up is 45 minutes of groundbreaking BMX and costs $5 for digital download or $10 on DVD with over an hour of unseen bonus material.

“You absolutely have to see this video. Start to finish, Grow Up is on the pulse of all things current in BMX and will leave you feeling hyped and motivated to go ride.” – Jeff Z. / Ride BMX

Also available as a Digital Download and a matching T-Shirt!

Full Sections

  • Aaron Ross
  • Brett Silva
  • Chris Childs
  • Erik Elstran
  • Gary Young
  • Jake Seeley
  • Mark Burnett

Additional Sections

  • Doubles
  • AM Riders - Julian Arteaga / Jared Duncan / Alec Siemon

Bonus Content (DVD Only)

  • Unused footage
  • Unused double angles
  • Beefs
  • The Struggle
  • Intro shoot take 1
  • Everything else
  • Team iPhone compilation
  • Trailer #1
  • Trailer #2
  • Trailer #3
  • Mixer web video