2018 Fairdale Bikes

At the core of bicycling is the simple and joyful act of balancing on two wheels. The physics of how a human being and a two-wheeled machine work together to find a balancing point is exceedingly complicated but the sensation is somehow natural, intuitive and enjoyable. Lazily weaving between the dotted lines along the bike path will bring you right back to that core feeling. We keep that feeling in mind for every bike we design. Rather than burying the magic of riding under excessive technology and performance demands, we try to enhance the rider’s experience by making bikes that are enjoyable to ride. Our high-end road bikes use the latest technology to enhance ride-quality. Our least expensive cruisers are made to bring out the fun of riding rather than simply masquerading as a watered down racing bike.

We have a handful of new models this year along with carefully selected upgrades to our existing bikes. We hope you’ll check out our bikes and see if there is one that’s right for you. Most of all we hope you get out and ride!